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Pat Anderson Insurance is now a Member Company of The Reliance Insurance Group

When two great companies come together, great things will happen!

Our clients can expect the same great service, but with even more expertise and a broader range of insurance markets.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Ask us about "Directors and Officers Liability Insurance".

Sometimes called Management Insurance it protects companies from potential claims that can be directed against you by:

  • Governments for unpaid taxes and deductions
  • Competitors claims you stole their trade secrets
  • Employees for unpaid wages or for Employment
  • Practices violations such as wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment and so on.

This protection is regularly purchased by Public Companies and Non Profit organizations but seldom by Private Companies even though their exposures are the same.

We are able to provide you with an indication of terms in a matter of minutes; tell us what you do, what your sales volume is and how many employees you have. Let us help.

Privacy Insurance

This is a relatively new protection which has developed as a result of the evolution of technology.

The collection and retention of data including personal information on clients and other contacts that you have relationships with can be exposed to hackers, rogue employees and other influences that can and do jeopardize our information. In the event this information gets out all sorts of bad things can happen to us including:

  • Costs associated with tracking and restoring the data
  • Costs associated with dealing with Governments and their needs.
  • Costs associated with managing and restoring your reputation in the event of a breach in your systems can be substantial and could include obtaining professional public relations advice.

We can help you with this dilemma.

Environmental Liability Insurance

If you hold in your possession, carry or transport, use in manufacturing, process or engage in environmental consulting or management, chances are you may have a substantial exposure to an environmental liability claim..

This may be brought against you by Local, Provincial or Federal Governments; neighbours or others who have suffered as a result of the escape, either accidental or occurring over time. Some of the exposed parties include:

  • Property Owners
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Waste Management Companies

Coverage is available and may take an extensive review to ensure the proper protection, but we can help.