A Variety Of Payment Options

Payment Plan Options At Pat Anderson Insurance Group we have several
payment plans to help you pay your annual premium.
Please contact us for more information!

  • One Annual Payment
  • Monthly Payments directly debited from your account
  • Three Pay Option
  • Autoplan 12
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Interac Direct Debit Card
Monthly Payment Plans

With your authorization, equal monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Your first payment is 2/12ths of the total annual premium and is deducted immediately on processing your policy. The rest of the payments are automatically withdrawn in equal monthly installments.

You will receive an account summary outlining the amounts and when they will be withdrawn from your bank account. The last withdrawal from your bank account is 60 days before renewal of your policy. An annual interest rate is charged. Some companies require a downpayment instead of withdrawing the first two payments from your account.

Three Pay

First installment plus a $15 service charge is due on the effective date of the policy, the second is due in three months and the third is due in six months.